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Aluminum Machining

Our modern machinery park combined with a team of highly qualified employees allows us to fulfill orders for many branches of the industry.

For the need of our partners we perform the following work related to the processing of aluminum:

CNC milling

We specialize in CNC milling. We use modern machinery to ensure accuracy, as well as short processing times. An additional advantage is that we design and manufacture instrumentation used for fixing objects on our own. Saving time, we are able to adapt better to a given project in order to execute it quickly and accurately.

Machining of long or large form factors is not a problem for us.

Precision cutting of aluminum

One of the first step of each production process is the preparation of suitable size elements. Precision cutting of aluminum is performed on a two-head saw or an automatic cutting machine.

Cutting aluminum

The punching process is carried out with the use of pneumatic punches or eccentric presses, which is a good way to achieve fast and accurate machining for large series of elements. Each tool that we use is designed and manufactured to individual customer needs.

Bending of aluminum profiles

Complement to our offer of aluminum machining is aluminum bending. We offer a wide range of technologies, which are tailored to the needs of each individual project.